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Alternative zu Extrememory XLR8 Plus

Sie suchen eine Alternative zu Extrememory XLR8 Plus?
In dieser Aufstellung finden Sie einige Produkte, die für Sie interessant sein könnten.

Marke: Extrememory

Solid State Drives der XLR8 Plus-Serie bieten eine Performance der absoluten Spitzenklasse. Weitere Infos ...

Die folgenden Alternativen zu Extrememory XLR8 Plus könnten für Sie interessant sein:

ADATA S599 Solid State Drive als Alternative zu Extrememory XLR8 Plus

Marke: ADATA

Equipped with the latest SandForce SF-1222 processor, ADATA\'s S599 Solid State Drive delivers remarkable performance. Sporting a maximum of 280 MB/s read speed and 270 MB/s write speed<sup>1</sup> and 50,000 IOPS<sup>2</sup>, it is even faster than the Intel G2 SSD, an achievement unparalleled by traditional hard drives. The S599 SSD is highly reliable and durable, delivers significantly higher performance, saves power, and stays cool. With a three-year warranty, you can enjoy high-level computing quality and reliability trouble free.

Corsair Force F120 ist ähnlich wie Extrememory XLR8 Plus

Marke: Corsair

For maximum performance for the ultimate system. The Corsair Force Series SSD product line offers the highest performance in Read/Write speeds of up to a maximum read speed of 285MB/s and write speed of 275MB/s.

Intel X25-M als Alternativprodukt zu Extrememory XLR8 Plus

Marke: Intel

Intel® X25-M and X18-M Mainstream SATA Solid-State Drives

Intel X25-V

Marke: Intel

Intel® X25-V Value SATA Solid-State Drive - Overview

OCZ Agility

Marke: Agility

OCZ Technology - OCZ Agility Series SATA II 2.5\" SSD *EOL - Offering your system the incredible performance of flash-based storage, the OCZ Agility Series delivers the performance ...

OCZ Vertex 2

Marke: OCZ Vertex

OCZ Technology - OCZ Vertex Series SATA II 2.5\" SSD - The OCZ Vertex Series delivers the speed and reliability of SSDs at a lower price per ...

Samsung SDD 470

Marke: Samsung

Massenspeicher mit Flash-Technologie. Schneller, leiser und verlässlicher als mechanische Speicher.

Super Talent UltraDrive ME

Marke: UltraDrive

Super Talent Technology Manufactures a wide range of leading edge DRAM and Flash memory products including custom USB drives, MP3 players, and DDR and DDR2 DIMM, RDIMM, SODIMM, FBDIMM, and custom memory solutions.

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